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❌Don’t do the transformation to them! ❌

Here’s what you need to do:

➡️Define your ‘why’ in a few words and include it in all your communications. It takes 7 times for key messages to embed.

➡️Sync up your communications plan with the delivery roadmap to give people structure and a sense of the milestones and achievements.

➡️Allocate the right budget to communications. Do a proper plan and fund it. Ad hoc exec communications and release emails just won’t work!

Need help? Take a look at our free super easy-to-use transformation communications plan It includes:

🚀Our day-to-day communications recommendations, laid out by sprint, in sync with a transformation roadmap.

🚀Goals to assign to your communications.

🚀Successful transformation communications and storytelling ideas to get you started.

Give it a try and call me, Erum on +44 (0) 7855 404 985 for any additional support.

🔅Get your people excited. Get them on board. Transform together.🔅

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