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Agile Communications Manifesto

For The New Normal
We follow these principles:

The highest priority is your people*.

Engagement and trust through continuous execution of tailored communications plans.
But no comms on a Friday evening!

Sponsors and key stakeholders must “talk the walk”.
And turn up to your own stand-ups!

Make the communications plan part of PI Planning. Add it to backlogs and ceremonies.
Comms is not a side-of-the-desk job!

Build a culture of storytelling the wins, the fails and the learnings.
People need to feel safe!

Champion Agile storytelling – the art of sharing successes, and the behaviours that bring success.
No comms. No engagement!

The best way to share information in a transformation is face-to-face.
Unless there’s a pandemic. Then double down on the communication plan’s execution!

The primary measure of progress is less corridor bitching and WhatsApp scathing.


The primary measure of progress is people retelling the success stories you made together.
That’s how foot soldiers and influencers are made!

At regular intervals, analyse how the comms are landing. Check the data, engagement surveys, the corridor/WhatsApp chats.
Adjust the comms plan and keep iterating.

Comms are the backbone of your transformation.
Align your comms. Align your people. Align your transformation.

*A nod to Robert C. Martin, one of the creators of the Agile Manifesto. Bob joked about the “mushy” stuff. That’s the people. And that Agile Methodologies is about the mushy stuff of values and culture.