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👽Ever feel like the alien in the room in a project meeting or a transformation briefing? 👽

I did when I went on a 3-day Agile course and didn’t understand a word of what was said! It was so technical!

Feeling out of the loop, I designed a course to help non-techie communications professionals.

It’s based on my 6 years of learning how to deliver successful Agile communications, and also being a successful Agile communications practitioner.

➡️ I understand the transformation journey and how hard it can feel.
➡️ I learnt that I had to change my approach to communications.

I’ve condensed all my knowledge, hacks and shortcuts into a 1-day interactive course in Agile Communications, catered specifically for communications professionals. 🎯

In it I’ll share my personal experiences that led to an increase in my growth, confidence and professional standing in Agile communications, as well as:

👍Agile 101 to set you up for good conversations with Agile folks
👍How to use Agile Ways of Working in communications
👍Agile communications planning and successful storytelling ideas
👍How to navigate the nuances during a transformation
👍Interactive application of Agile best practices.

🚀If you’re looking to upskill in Agile to drive the communications for your company’s transformation, get in touch.

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