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Learning from others: I preach it, so I’m focusing on doing it too!

3 Agile meet-ups in 2 weeks and here are my 3 key takeaways you can’t ignore!

➡️ Are your leaders visibly leading the change?
If they aren’t leading, or possibly worse that leadership isn’t visible, people will be disconnected from any need to change themselves.

➡️ Do your communications connect the ‘why’ to the outcomes?
No? That means no connection to the value, no engagement and no transformation.

➡️ Have you shared your wins along the way?
No? That means your people have no idea of the successes achieved or what good looks like. Be creative, search out the wins and do the PR!

Are you experiencing any of these? Try these:

📅Double up on communications.

Be visible yourself. Lead by example.

Diarise regular stand-ups with your people. Give honest updates to build trust and drive engagement.

And don’t cancel! If you don’t turn up for them, they won’t commit to you.

📈Define your ‘why’ in a few words

Include it in all your communications. Because it takes 7 times for key messages to embed.

🏆Schedule a monthly/weekly story on a win/success

Show what good looks like, and inspire and drive wider buy-in.

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