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Is your Comms Planning tool just another thing to manage?

Had an interesting question at the Agile 101 for Communicators we delivered last week.

Isn’t your Agile Transformation Comms Planning tool just another thing to manage? Good question!

And no surprise, it’s not. We designed it to make sure you get an Agile comms plan really quickly!

And just like your other work, you’d add these comms activities to the tool that’s managing the project, such as Rally, Jira, Confluence; or to your program board during PI Planning if you’re using SAFe.

So you see, it doesn’t need managing. It’s designed to save you a helluva lot of time planning comms!

Download it now and see for yourself. It’s free. Here’s the link:   

If you want to see more, we’re doing a 15 minute demo next Wednesday, 11 May 1:00pm GMT.

Here’s the Zoom link:

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