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Goals of communications:


Important information or actions


Learn and knowledge share


Drive actions and behaviour


Influence culture, hearts & minds

Agile Communications Activities Plan

Communicating Change

Day 1
Communication from Executive/Sponsor to the org about the upcoming Agile transformation

Example content: 

  • The upcoming Agile transformation & its importance
Goal: I
Day 2
Article on home page on a relevant topic

Example content: 

  • The Need for Change
Goal: L
Day 4
Communication to impacted colleagues from LT
Goal: I
Day 6
All Hands with org on AT
Goal: I
Day 7
Communication about more information on home page
Goal: I
Day 8
Article on home page on a relevant topic
Goal: LA
Day 9
LT Stand up - update with impacted colleagues
Goal: IAC
Day 9
Learning activity - AT
Goal: LA

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