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Another favourite takeaway from an experienced Agile practitioners’ meet-up to share with you!

🎤 Comms! Comms! Comms! You’ve to prioritise communications. And get it right. 🎤

Here’s how to nail your comms. Don’t just send ad hoc emails and updates. Do this:

➡️Have a good communications plan with targeted messages.

➡️Communicate with clarity and transparency. Good news and bad news.

➡️Deliver the messages at the right times.

➡️Use different channels to make sure the messages land. It takes 7 times for messages to embed.

Get this right and you will:

👉Set the direction of the company.

👉Get people behind the change.

👉Manage gossip, dispel myths and toxicity.

Do you need help with a quick fix and in-house skills transfer? Speak to us. We’ll quickly identify actions. And if needed, we’ll design your communications approach and plan and shape your communications for success.

🔅Get your people excited. Get them on board. Transform together. 🚀

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