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✨Why do I love Agile Ways of Working?✨

Because it removes the usual communicators’ pain points!

➡️No more wasting time doing 12 month communications plans (that need updating!)

Instead, I create 3 month plans and work on what’s priority in the next two weeks.

➡️No more wasted effort (or my soul destroyed) on communications that are later no longer needed!

Instead, I present draft work, concepts or bullets and build on it as I go, getting feedback along the way. That means I can stop or pivot as needed.

➡️No more saying YES to VIP stakeholders!

Instead, I focus on priority work. And I’m ‘allowed’ to tell them that! New work goes on the backlog or gets prioritised and replaced by something if it’s more urgent.

Have you tried Agile Ways of Working? What do you love about it? 🎙️

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